The Farm

You can meet and greet our ever expanding animal family on the farm. Some of the animals we have on the farm have been re-homed from charities that have rescued them from places where they have been ill treated.

Feed is available in the shop for both our two and four legged friends and there are information sheets on display with facts about the animals. Farms can be dangerous places so during a visit to Bettys please make sure that you:-

  • Wash your hands even if you have only walked round the farm, but especially if you have fed the animals. There are germs in the environment, on fences, gates and on your shoes when you get home.
  • Don’t eat the animal feed yourself.
  • The animals only eat the animal feed that you can purchase in the shop. This is because the animals are fed on special diets and if you feed them other things, they may get ill.
  • Some areas have no access – there are reasons for this and these areas change all year round. They are sign posted.
  • Please don’t go in with animals unless supervised by a member of staff. All animals have the potential to bite, peck or spit!
  • There are cars about so please be aware of moving vehicles.

Our eggs have to meet strict welfare standards to be able to be classed as Free Range, Freedom Food and RSPCA standard.

We are also monitored by the Supermarkets, the Packing Stations, the Egg Inspectors, Environmental Health and Trading Standards.

The Hens

Meet the hens

Our other animals

Meet the animals