Our Other Animals

We don’t just have chickens at Betty’s Farm. We also have:

  • 4 goats –  Lulu, Sid, Buddy and Herbie
  • 2 retired showjumpers – Bliss and Owen
  • a llama – Elliot
  • our rams – Barney, Bodger, Badger and Jacob
  • 2 flocks of sheep – Jacob & Hebridean ewes in 1 flock and Suffolk & Texel ewes in the other
  • from the end of January through until April/May we will have new born lambs on Farm
  • A rabbit – Boris
  • 4 guinea pigs, including the famous Bill and Ben and our farm dog, Dottie

Our eggs have to meet strict welfare standards to be able to be classed as Free Range, Freedom Food and RSPCA standard. We are also monitored by the Supermarkets, the Packing Stations, the Egg Inspectors, Environmental Health and Trading Standards.