The Hens

Not all chickens lead happy lives but at Betty’s, the chickens welfare is paramount. The birds are fed on a high quality diet, forage in our 24 acre fields and are kept in a system where animal welfare and environmental issues are of high priority.

We give our hens the freedom and space that is recommended by DEFRA, the Lion Code and the RSPCA Freedom Foods so they have the space to be able to dustbathe or shelter depending on the weather.

We use two different commercial hybrids, this is to ensure that we get the best from our hens to produce the perfect free range egg for you.

On average, our hens produce an egg each a day and our eggs are collected daily, stamped with our unique flock code (for traceability) and put into our shop ready for you to buy.

Eggs you buy from a supermarket have to travel from the farm, to a packing station and then to the supermarket depot before they eventually make it to supermarket shelf. Days or even weeks could have passed between the hen laying the egg and you cracking it open to use. At Betty’s Farm, the eggs in your box have probably been laid either the day you walk into the shop or the day before, giving you the longest possible shelf life.

The eggs will last up to 28 days, well … thats if you don’t eat them before! Due to the freshness of eggs they are very hard to peel if you are shelling them, so please buy extra and put them to one side so that they can age slightly before trying. If you’re lucky, you might even find a double yolker in at least one of your eggs!

Our eggs have to meet strict welfare standards to be able to be classed as Free Range, Freedom Food and RSPCA standard. We are also monitored by the Supermarkets, the Packing Stations, the Egg Inspectors, Environmental Health and Trading Standards.